Lucozade Sport Education Programme

The world of sport and physical activity is ever-changing. There are many people who are involved in and contribute to the introduction of children to sport, the development of players/athletes, and the preparation of players/athletes to achieve peak performance. To support these people in such key roles, Coaching Ireland has developed a programme of Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

The  objective of this programme is to disseminate relevant & up-to-date Sports Science information on an All Island basis to athletes, coaches, tutors & governing bodies. 

Phase 1
Delivering workshops on 5 key topics:

  1. Fluid for Sport
  2. Fuel for Sport
  3. The Female Athlete
  4. Get Fit for Sport
  5. Planning for Success

Phase 1 workshops are 1 hour in duration and are suitable for both coaches and participants.

Phase 2
Five new fact sheets and presentations:

  1. Lifestyle - Getting the balance right
  2. Circuit Training - Development of Strength & Conditioning
  3. Nutrition - Feeding Performance
  4. Making Weight - Tipping the scales for success
  5. Hydration - You are what you drink

Phase 2 workshops are 2 hours in duration and are aimed at Level 2/3 coaches and regional standard athletes.

These workshops will be delivered by highly skilled presenters and are of enormous benefit to coaches and athletes alike.