LSP Infographic Annual Report 2021 minSport Ireland today released the Local Sports Partnership Annual Report 2020, which highlights the work of Sport Ireland’s network of 29 Local Sports Partnerships (LSPs) and the impact they have on participation levels by engaging key target populations across Ireland.

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, Sport Ireland and the LSPs continued to provide national and local initiatives to ensure that everyone in society has the opportunity to share in the enjoyment as well as the mental and physical health benefits of sport and physical activity. The Report shows that 340,674 people participated in 1,132 locally delivered participation initiatives in 2020 and 3,646 Clubs/Groups were provided with funding supports by LSPs.

rsz launch of ability swing 2Wheelchair user Ability Swing installed in Cabinteely Park for children with a physical disability.

Dún Laoghaire Rathdown Sports Partnership and Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council are delighted to launch their new piece of inclusive playground equipment - the Ability Swing. Located at Cabinteely Park playground, it is suitable for children with a physical disability that use a wheelchair. This new equipment is part of the Sports Inclusion Disability Programme in the County, which is an initiative that works to increase the participation of all abilities in sport and physical activity.

A visit to any local park instantly conveys the pure joy felt when swinging – you can hear children shrieking with delight as they swing higher and higher way before you see them. The wheelchair platform and swing frame enables wheelchair users to experience both the joy and the physical benefits of swinging. This sturdily constructed swing frame and wheelchair platform ensures children with limited mobility are not excluded from enjoying all aspects of swinging.

5Impact of Covid-19 Restrictions on Sport and Recreational Walking detailed in new Sport Ireland report 

Sport Ireland today published the findings of the Irish Sports Monitor (ISM) 2021 Quarter 1 report, which shows that overall levels of physical activity have increased on 2019 figures despite a decrease in organised sport participation.

The research, conducted by Ipsos MRBI on behalf of Sport Ireland, examined the impact of Covid-19 restrictions on Sport and Recreational Walking in the period January – March 2021, comparing the results to the same period in 2019 and equivalent studies undertaken during the Covid-19 restrictions.

Ruby Morrow smaller jpegThe last year has offered up many different challenges and we all have made huge sacrifices to adapt to our new world.

There has been some positives that have come from all this uncertainty. One story springs to mind, Ruby Morrow from Glenageary who after taking part in our Couch to 2k, then 5k and finally 10k, jogged a 10k on her 71st Birthday! Ruby admitted, ‘she was never sporty but said she’d give it a go!’. It was through her children that she got involved in sport in the community on a voluntary basis and has given up her time ever since. As a volunteer she began to see the physical, mental and social benefits of activity on her children and other club members.

At 71, Ruby felt it was time to do something about her fitness. She said it was the phased build up and relaxed approach to each programme that made it possible to ‘do a bit more’ and before she realised she was ready for a 10k! She also found the engagement in the WhatsApp Groups to be a great source of motivation and encouragement during the programmes. Congratulations to Ruby and thanks for inspiring us all!

Sport Ireland LogoSport Ireland today announced an investment of €40 million to National Governing Bodies for Sport (NGBs), High Performance athlete support and to the network of Local Sports Partnerships (LSPs) for 2021.

  • €13.8 million for core activity of 59 National Governing Bodies
  • €9.5 million to support work of 29 Local Sports Partnerships
  • €8,500,000 to support High Performance programmes
  • €2.68 million in International Carding scheme


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