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On Saturday May 26th in Cuala GAA Club Dalkey (2pm to 6pm), Bar Monkey will be hosting Ireland's National Calisthenics Event, with top level Athletes from all over the country coming to compete in the Adult and Junior Calisthenics Competitions. 

This event is a fun day out for families to attend and get to witness some truly amazing Athletes. Calisthenics is a sport that involves using only your bodyweight to perform movements and routines on equipment such as pull up bars, parallel bars and the floor. It requires incredible strength and co-ordination and is a top class eye catching sport. 

The first Bar Monkey Festival was in 2016 and due to the popularity and growth of the sport, it has continued on and has become recognised as the leading event in Calisthenics across Ireland. 

Bar Monkey event

The Bar Monkey club now has over two hundred members and they work with Primary and Secondary schools all across the Dun-Laoghaire Rathdown area, they are also the only recognised Calisthenics Club in Ireland through dlr Sports Partnership.

Through promoting the Festival they have travelled throughout the country organising events and promotional displays.

In 2016 the first National Event was held, which featured over 16 Athletes from across the country, and had over 160 attendants.

In 2017 the second event took place and had under 10’s and over 10’s Junior Competitions for the first time, as well as hosting the Adult National Event. These competitions as well as demonstrations on the day led to over 240 people attending. 

In 2018 the World Champions will be in attendance at the event for the first time in Ireland, Featuring Female Street Workout World Champion Melanie Driessen, Calisthenics World Cup Champion Sotoxine, French National Champion Colin Dojat, as well as Starboy from Team BarSparta, who has come second in the Calisthenics World Cup.

This promises to be another fantastic event, with some truly amazing displays from our Junior Competitions, as well as the clubs Adult Athletes. 

For more information you can contact:

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Or check out some content from last year’s event:

Bar Monkey Festival Adult Competition 2017

Bar Monkey Festival Junior Competition 2017

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