Buntús is a motivating multi-sport programme set up by The Irish Sports Council, enabling a network of Local Sports Partnerships to provide teachers and childcare practitioners, in their local area, training that can benefit children by introducing them to sport and physical activity.

The Irish sports Council understand that sport plays a huge role in the lives of young people. Buntús therefore is an ideal opportunity for teachers to put forward an enjoyable and non-competitive session for the children in their class and introduce them to different sporting activities which both compliments and enhances programmes in school and community environment.

Qualified tutors provide Buntús training and it will permit teachers to deliver the programme to their class. A resource pack of equipment is also supplied upon successful completion of training, to implement the programme. The activities involved in the programme compliment the P.E curriculum of primary schools and can offer every child an opportunity to participate in physical activity and a good environment.

Based on the Sports Partnership’s goals to co-ordinate and promote the development of sport, Buntús is one main area that will encourage participation in sport and physical activity of young people in the community. It will enable teachers to raise the profile of P.E and sport also highlighting the three components of the programme:

  • Providing easy to understand and accessible support for the introduction of physical activity.
  • To provide a high quality introduction to sport and physical activity.
  • To encourage fun in the introduction of sport and physical activity.